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Fog Cannon


Type:HWJXX-XXXX(XXX)FOG CANNONThrough the nozzle, spray water mist into tiny water grains, then the tiny water gra

    Detailed description

Through the nozzle, spray water mist into tiny water grains, then the tiny water grains carry the dust and
make it down. So the fog cannon is used to purify air. It can be uesd in the large grand which is full of dust.

>>Model numbering rule of atomizing gun product

>> Main parameters of H D F 01 series dry atomization products

Type HWJ24-0030 HWJ24-0050 HWJ24-0060 HWJ24-0070 HWJ24-0080
Dimension 2500x11700x2000mm 2800x1300x2100mm 3300x1600x2250mm 3400x1700x2300mm 3600x1800x2400mm
Weight 700Kg 780Kg 960Kg 1100Kg 1200Kg
Blower Power 11Kw 18.5Kw 22Kw 37Kw 45Kw
Multilevel Booster Pump Power 3Kw 4Kw 4Kw 4Kw 5.5Kw
Power When Shocking 0.16Kw 0.16Kw 0.16Kw 0.16Kw 0.16Kw
Water Consumption 3.8m3/h 4.6m3/h 5.6-6.5m3/h 6.5-7.5m3/h 7.5-8.5m3/h
Dust Range
Sectoral Angle120
Sectoral Angle120
Sectoral Angle120
Sectoral Angle120
Sectoral Angle120
State Of Transfer Trolley No Power No Power No Power No Power No Power
Power Source 15kw; 380V; 50Hz 23.5kw; 380V; 50Hz 27kw; 380V; 50Hz 42kw; 380V; 50Hz 52kw; 380V; 50Hz
State Of Water Hose Length More Than 25mm Hose Length More Than 50mm DN40 耐压软管 DN40 耐压软管 DN50 耐压软管
Note: the above parameters are only for reference.


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