G Force Air cannon

The G Force Air Cannon is a pneumatic, bulk material-moving system that quickly releases compressed air into a storage vessel (bunkers, hoppers, cement pre-heater kiln, pipes, chutes, etc.) to restore flow to material that is clinging, bridging, rat-holing, or arching.
The G force Air Cannon is designed for uses on storage vessels with internal temperatures up to 800℃ and up to 1400℃.
Such product is widely used in industries such as cement plants, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, power, mine, coal carbonization, steel mills, etc. It’s characteristics are low energy consumption, small investment, easy maintenance, etc, which makes it a kind of ideal equipment for blockage or caking problems used for the above industries.
G Force air cannon, recommended working temperature is -40℃~65℃ and working pressure is 0.4~0.8MPa, is a kind of high-efficiency, environment-friendly and energy-saving product for eliminating blockage and assisting the materials flow.

Fog Cannon

The HWJ series Fog Cannon atomizes the water into tiny water particles through the atomizing nozzle, and then sends these tiny water particles to a certain range through the atomizing fan, so as to cover the dust in the air so that the dust settles quickly and plays a role of dust reduction , While suppressing the rise of dust.

Belt Cleaner

Installed in the tail of the belt conveyor, from the tail pulley 1 5m ~ 30m Department) Return the flat surface of the belt, the blade by its own gravity docile posts on the belt non-working surface, the spilled material on the belt to clean, to avoid Material into the tail wheel caused by the belt damage and deviation.

HPC01-XXXX(M1X) Herman Primary Cleaner, material of blade: PU
HPC02-XXXX(M1X) Herman Primary Cleaner, material of blade: PU
HPC03-XXXX(W1X) Type:HPC03-XXXX(W1X)Heavy-duty cleaner: split blade, applicable to conveyor belt at speed of 3 m s or below and w
HPC04-XXXX(W1X) Type:HPC04-XXXX(W1X)CLEANERHeavy-duty cleaner: intergral blade, applicable to conveyor belt at speed of 3 m s or be
HPC05-XXXX(M1X) Herman Primary Cleaner, material of blade: PU
HPC07-XXXX(M1X) Herman Primary Cleaner, material of blade: PU
 Secondary Cleaner HSC01-XXXX(E2X)、HSC02-XXXX(E2X)
Secondary Cleaner HSC01-XXXX(E2X)、HSC02-XXXX(E2X) 型号:HSC01-XXXX(E2X) 、HSC02-XXXX(E2X)Secondary Cleaner HSCXX-XXXX(XXX)Installed under the head (head pully) and deviat
Secondary Cleaner HSC03-XXXX(E2X) 、 HSC04-XXXX(E2X)
Secondary Cleaner HSC03-XXXX(E2X) 、 HSC04-XXXX(E2X) Type:HSC03-XXXX(E2X) 、 HSC04-XXXX(E2X)Secondary Cleaner>>Product assembly Diagram>>Product SpecificationsTypeBelt wid
HSC90-XXXX(E2X) Type:HSC90-XXXX(E2X)>>Product assembly Diagram>>Product SpecificationsTypeBelt width(mm)Blade width A(mm)Dimension of
Secondary Cleaner HSC91-XXXX(E2X)
Secondary Cleaner HSC91-XXXX(E2X) Type:Secondary CleanerHSC91-XXXX(E2X)>>Product assembly Diagram>>Product SpecificationsTypeBelt width(mm)Blade width A
Reversing Cleaner HRC90-XXXX(Y2X)
Reversing Cleaner HRC90-XXXX(Y2X) Type:HRC90-XXXX(Y2X)Reversing Cleaner HRCXX-XXXX(XXX)Installed under the head (head pully) and deviating from the ver
Reversing Cleaner HRC91-XXXX(Y2X)
Reversing Cleaner HRC91-XXXX(Y2X) Type:HRC91-XXXX(Y2X)Reversing Cleaner HRCXX-XXXX(XXX)>>Product assembly Diagram>>Product SpecificationsTypeBelt width(m
Model V HTC01 - XXXX(X)
Model V HTC01 - XXXX(X) Type:Model V HTC01 - XXXX(X)Installed on the plane surface above the return belt at the tail (1 5-3m from the
Two - Way Tail Cleaner HTC02 - XXXX(I1X)
Two - Way Tail Cleaner HTC02 - XXXX(I1X) Type:Two - Way Tail Cleaner HTC02 - XXXX(I1X)Installed on the return side of the unloaded belt surface of the

Impact Cradle

Ultra-polymer slider, rubber aluminum skeleton as a whole, adjustable slot angle (30 ° - 45 °), mounted on the belt conveyor blanking point, play to slow down the material on the belt impact, the protection of the belt The role of the belt by the impact of materials produced deviation phenomenon

Skirt Seal

The material is urethane, vertical main seal plus comma skirt side seal, two seals, suitable for poor working conditions, effectively improve the material running, running, leakage phenomenon, with the use of buffer bed effect is more good.

Belt Tracking System

Belt Tracking System Installed in the belt conveyor section, arranged near the first wheel head and the guide groove outlet easy to produce deviation in front of the site, HTS01 type Belt Tracking System Suitable for one-way operation of the belt conveyor machine.

Dry Fog Suppressor

Dry mist dust device is the use of dry mist generated by the 10μm fine water mist particles (diameter of 10μm below the fog is called the dry mist), the dust particles bonded to each other, agglomeration increases, and its own gravity settlement. Dust can be agglomerated and increased by water binding, but those smallest particles coalesce into clusters only when the water droplets are small, reducing the surface tension of the water, as shown in Figure 1-1. If the water mist particle diameter is larger than the dust particles, then the dust moves only with the airflow around the water mist particles, the water mist particles and the dust particles contact with little or no chance of contact, can not reach dust suppression effect; if the water mist particles and dust particles Close to the size of dust particles with the air movement will collide with the water mist particles, contact and bonding together. The smaller the water mist particles, the greater the probability of coalescence, with the agglomeration of dust clusters become heavier, it is easy to land. Water mist on the dust "capture" thus formed.

Silo Cleaning

Herman Silo Cleaning

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